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Look for the door…

For an American woman who first discovered her roots here eleven years ago, who has returned consistently ever since and has now chosen to live in one of these ‘piccoli paesi’ in Alta Irpinia, life here has offered beautiful experiences beyond what I could have imagined. Lucciole and the poems of  Pasolini are just the beginning.  I step outside myself and the vanquished memories of a 1st generation upbringing each day as I step outside my door on via Fontana.  The door of maternal origins. The door of an emigrated, lost, & now honored grandmother. From Brooklyn origins to Los Angeles retirement and back again my parents watch listen and follow from afar as I contribute to the memory of the ghosts of our ancestors. Their 1st generation indifferences and concerns of having lost one of their own to a far away and misunderstood land quietly put aside. Since arriving ‘to stay’ with pride and joy I continue to contribute to the village in large and small ways. It is now a personal quest for me to see that this place this landscape this as yet un-trampled gem of Campania not only survives but thrives … I remain at your service Alta Irpinia. You only need to ask …

If you would like to follow some of my adventures here below is a link to my personal website and blog chronicling my point of view with fotos and text http://lamericana.blogspot.com

zona del museo di archeologia a Aquilonia, '03

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1 agosto 2011 at 13:00


foto a. verderosa


Travelers, curious pilgrims and guests can stay in village homes in Cairano made available by the town’s 300 inhabitants and about 3000 Cairanesi living abroad.

Catering is provided by the women of Cairano and the chefs of  “The Mesali”  a true Irpinian ‘transumanza gastronomic’ experience.

Reception and logistics are taken care of by young adult members of Cairano’s Pro Loco or Chamber of Commerce.

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31 luglio 2011 at 21:03

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